Monday, March 7, 2011

UPDATE: New Hampshire Legislator Introduces Resolution for "restoring gold and silver money"

Back in January, we noted that in New Hampshire, whose State motto is "Live Free or Die", Rep. Norman Tregenza had submitted a "Legislative Service Request" (LSR) that perked our ears up:
title: urging Congress to pass legislation against losses in value due to money supply by the federal reserve; restoring gold and silver money; and phasing out the federal reserve system.
The bill was formally introduced as HCR 13. We're happy to say, it was voted UP in the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee, and sent to the floor with a recommendation to pass it! The bill is scheduled to have a full vote on the floor of the State House of Representatives on March 15 -- and it stands a good chance of passing!

Great job, Rep. Tregenza! Maybe now we'll see the "Gold Money Bill" introduced again, too. Or maybe a legislator there can even introduce a NH version of the Constitutional Tender Act itself? Even nicer.

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