Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Hampshire Legislator Pre-Files Resolution for "restoring gold and silver money"

In New Hampshire, whose State motto is "Live Free or Die", Rep. Norman Tregenza has submitted a "Legislative Service Request" (LSR) that perked our ears up.

(In that State, a bill starts out as an LSR - a title and brief description of the purpose of the proposed legislation, which the representative or Senator submits to the Office of Legislative Services. Staffers in that office spruce it up: for example, they might propose language that clarifies the bill's effect on existing laws.)

If you go to the "Legislative Service Requests (LSR's)" page of the New Hampshire General Court (their House and Senate, which is the largest legislature in the world with 400 State Reps and 24 Senators) and enter the number 0684 in the box labeled "Query the database by LSR Number" you'll get this:
title: urging Congress to pass legislation against losses in value due to money supply by the federal reserve; restoring gold and silver money; and phasing out the federal reserve system.
Nice. Maybe we'll see the "Gold Money Bill" introduced again, too. Or maybe a legislator there can even introduce a NH version of the Constitutional Tender Act? Even nicer.


  1. OUTSTANDING NEWS! Nice find, keep us updated. Cheers.

    Mark Herpel

  2. It seems that a lot of state congresses are starting to look at it.

  3. Indeed they are, heath. Take a look at to see the current list of States. More are coming! :-)