Friday, January 29, 2010

One year later: Gold and The Constitutional Tender Act

Here's a great blog post at the Campaign For Liberty site about our efforts here in Georgia:
I'll start out with this disclaimer: I am not an economist. I'm an "average Joe," who has an avid interest in Austrian economics, and knows the basic essential rule of Economics: Supply and Demand. Most of what I write here is just my thoughts, and is purely based on some trends I've noticed. For that matter, if you agree or disagree, I'd like to hear your comments so that I can better understand what the hell is going on. I'd also like to know if, had the Constitutional Tender Act been implemented, A) would we be in a better position today than a year ago? B) would it been about the same? (no harm, no foul), or C), would things be worse? Any and all criticism, accolade, and/or input is welcome.
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