Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Need Your Help for ONE MINUTE

Dear Friends of Sound Money,

I need your help RIGHT NOW, to take ONE MINUTE of your very valuable time, for a quick Action Item to advance HB 430, the "Constitutional Tender Act."

As you know, we won a significant victory in the last session, when two major subcommittees of the Georgia House Banks and Banking Committee held a full hearing on the ConTen Act:

That was ONLY possible because patriots like YOU were willing to demand that hearing be held. You demanded it -- and it WORKED.

Now, we need to KEEP PUSHING.

At this moment, the bill is still stuck in those subcommittees. We NEED to get it sent UP to the full committee, in order to get an up-or-down vote on it. Rep. Calvin Hill, Chairman of the Financial Institutions & Services Subcommittee, has been ill recently, so no action could be taken on his part.

However, Rep. Mike Coan, Chairman of the Regulations & Oversight Subcommittee, has been very active at the State Capitol -- but NOT in moving forward on the Constitutional Tender Act!

When the bill's sponsor, Rep. Bobby Franklin, asked Rep. Coan to please move it out of subcommittee, Rep. Coan's response was that he needed the permission of the Chairman of the full Banks and Banking Committee, Rep. James Mills, to do so.

That is simply NOT TRUE. Rep. Coan CAN push HB 430 up to the full committee ANY time he wants to - HE is the Chairman of his subcommittee, with full responsibility over it.

So today, RIGHT NOW, I'm asking you to do just one quick thing: Rep. Coan a quick email, or give him a quick phone call.

It doesn't even matter if you live in Georgia. He MUST hear from a LOT of folks, so we can move this bill forward! Again, his contact info is:

* Chairman of the Regulations & Oversight Subcommittee, Rep. Mike Coan (R-101) - - 404-656-6801

* In your message, you can politely explain to him WHY this bill is so important: because Georgia, like every other state, is in violation of the U.S. Constitution without such a bill (because the State is making some other "Thing" a Tender in Payment of Debts, both to and by the State). Remind him that State legislators are all required to swear an oath to uphold that Constitution, so ethically and morally they need to do whatever the Constitution requires.

* Inform Rep. Coan that this type of bill is also needed because, due to the ever-widening circle of economic disaster that is affecting the citizens of every State, we MUST do something to at least begin the process of restoring sound money and a sound economy, whether or not the Federal government or any other State government does so. This would immediately begin the flow of real wealth toward the state's treasury. This would stabilize the state's economy, protect the pensions of state employees, etc. -- and offer many other immediately recognizable benefits.

* Finally, ask Rep. Coan to please get HB 430, the Constitutional Tender Act, moving UP to the full Banks and Banking Committee.

Chairman Coan MUST hear from the people about how IMPORTANT this bill is, and WHY it needs to be sent favorably back up to the Committee!

THANK YOU SO MUCH -- it's because of people like YOU, who are willing to take a minute of your valuable time to do something like this, that we have a GOOD SHOT at getting this bill moved through the General Assembly this year -- and even introduced in other states!


GREAT Quote from Daniel Webster

"Most unquestionably there is no legal tender, and there can be no legal tender, in this country, under the authority of this government or any other, but gold and silver, either the coinage of our own mints, or foreign coins, at rates regulated by Congress. This is a constitutional principle, perfectly plain, and of the highest importance. The states are expressly prohibited from making anything but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts; and although no such express prohibition is applied to congress, yet as congress has no power granted to it, in this respect, but to coin money and to regulate the value of foreign coins, it clearly has no power to substitute paper, or anything else, for coin, as a tender in payment of debts and discharge of contracts... The legal tender, therefore, the constitutional standard of value, is established and cannot be overthrown. To overthrow it, would shake the whole system. The constitutional tender is the thing to be preserved, and it ought to be preserved sacredly, under all circumstances." - Daniel Webster, in a speech before the Senate on December 21, 1836

From A plea for the Constitution of the U.S. of America: wounded in the house of its Guardians by George Bancroft, pp. 93-94

Saturday, February 6, 2010

South Carolina: "Gold and Silver Coin as Legal Tender Act" Introduced!

South Carolina has joined the growing ranks of States which have had Constitutional Tender bills introduced!

On February 2nd, 2010, SC Rep. Michael A. Pitts (District 14 - Abbeville, Greenwood & Laurens Cos.) introduced H. 4501, the "Gold and Silver Coin as Legal Tender" Act. This bill would allow "silver and gold" to once again be legal tender in South Carolina, as opposed to the paper bank notes of Federal Government debt.

The language of H. 4501 is different than our model Constitutional Tender Act bill, but the effect would be the same - making gold and silver coin the only thing allowed as payment to and from the State.

We'll take that!

H. 4501
Rep. Michael A. Pitts

Contact your S.C. Representative

Watch an interview with Rep. Pitts about his bill last year supporting States Rights in South Carolina:

Friday, February 5, 2010

What Is The Constitutional Tender Act?

Great little post that succinctly describes the Constitutional Tender Act. Thank you, "Gemologist Sam"! :)
What Is The Constitutional Tender Act?

The U.S. economy is having big problems. This is not news! But some legislators in Georgia think they have a solution to the problem. While it would only impact their State, their hope is that if the bill passes they will set a good example for other states as well as the Federal Government.

The Constitutional Tender Act is Georgia House Bill (HB) 430. It was introduced by Representative Bobby Franklin (R-43) in 2009. He points out that the United States Constitution declares (Article I, Section 10) that “No State shall…make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.” However this is no longer the case.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

States Rights Bills Now Calling for Gold and Silver Money

Posted on the AOCS Direct blog, from the American Open Currency Standard
Feb. 1, 2010

Executive Summary – Well this wasn’t hard to see coming. The states are scared of the Fed. The big threat is the Fed declares martial law and closes the state governments making them irrelevant. The states in fear for their own governments existence are passing states rights bills. These basically go back to the constitution reasserting that the states created the Federal Government. The constitution clearly lists the rights the Federal Government has and clearly states any other rights belong to the states. Unless specifically prohibited to the states.

Gold & Silver Money – The states doing this to date are as follows with the respective bill numbers which you can look up yourself:

Indiana S.B. 453 Colorado H.B. 09-1206 Missouri H.B. 0561 Georgia H.B. 430 Maryland H.J.R. 5

None of these bills has yet passed. They basically are saying the state has to operate based on gold and silver. They also say the banking system has to allow people to operate using gold or silver. I believe using a paper note backed 100% by gold or silver would be allowed.

Some of the bills also talk of electronic representation of actual gold or silver. They are talking 100% backed currency, not partial fiat money and the electronic aspects would enable bank to bank electronic transfers of this god and silver money.

Discussion – Reading between the lines what you get is citizens will be able to bank and conduct commerce in gold and silver. States will have to do so. I think there would be a marked preference for gold and silver and many merchants would not want to take federal reserve fiat notes or if they did take them at much higher prices. It is a back door to a solid constitutional monetary system. It is also a sign of the states getting ready to break away.

To secede the states need a monetary system and banking system that is not dependent on using the federal reserve fiat notes backed by nothing at all. They will arrange for bank-to-bank transfer of gold and silver electronically. Exactly how remains to be seen but the virtual currency guys have been doing it for ten years.

Curious how birth certificate free Obama stays away from even mentioning states rights. He sure is working overtime to get control measures passed by any means he can conjure up. Funny with all the homeless, out of work folks, people without healthcare, businesses failing he should chose to make gun control a priority. What’s wrong with this picture.

If the states rights every gets legs and either controls the Fed or the states secede and form new countries the people should know that is was the vast gun ownership and shooting skills in the USA that kept the Fed from just asserting martial law and turning the country into a real nightmare. Have you ever seen a anti-gun politician who is also against high taxes?

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