Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GA Rep. Bobby Franklin Dies: Introduced ConTen Act

My friend, Georgia Rep. Bobby Franklin, has passed away.

This man was a giant -- in faith, in intellect, in fidelity, in so much more. We came to be friends as we worked on the Constitutional Tender Act together -- and I learned that if a majority of State legislators would only vote the Constitutional and Biblical way he voted, our State -- and probably our country -- could be turned away from the coming destruction.

I know that Bobby is in the presence of Jesus now, and rejoicing forevermore. He exemplified Philippians 1:21: "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Have a glorious Home-going, Bobby. I will miss you -- I'm sitting here crying as I type this -- but I will share your joy in full one day.

And I would be remiss in Bobby's eyes if I didn't ask YOU, the person reading this, two simple questions: Have you come to the place in YOUR spiritual life where YOU know for *certain* that if you were to die today, you'd go to heaven? And if you *were* to die today -- as Bobby can testify, it can happen to young and old -- and you were to stand before God, and He were to say to you, "WHY should I let you into my heaven"... What would you say?

Bobby answered the first question with a resounding YES (1 John 5:13) -- and he answered the second question with a resounding, "Because I'm trusting in JESUS CHRIST ALONE for eternal life." (John 14:6) And Jesus has now answered back to Bobby: "Well done, good and faithful servant... Enter into the joy of your Lord" (Matt. 25:21).


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