Monday, March 21, 2011

"Legislator says the state needs its own currency"

Finally, we're seeing movement in North Carolina as well. Of course, it's being reported on in the same ridiculously slanted manner as every other sound money bill across America - you know, "they want to print their own money" (they don't), "the Austrian school of economics is fringe" (not any more!), jokes about "storing gold & silver in old State vaults" (duhhh, they'd use banks, hello!), etc. No one wants to talk about what the U.S. Constitution actually says: that States are REQUIRED to use only gold & silver coins in all financial transactions. Period.

RALEIGH -- Cautioning that the federal dollars in your wallet could soon be little more than green paper backed by broken promises, state Rep. Glen Bradley wants North Carolina to issue its own legal tender backed by silver and gold.

The Republican from Youngsville has introduced a bill that would establish a legislative commission to study his plan for a state currency. He is also drafting a second bill that would require state government to accept gold and silver coins as payment for taxes and fees.

If the state treasurer starts accepting precious metals as payment, Bradley said that could prod the private sector to follow suit - potentially allowing residents to trade gold for groceries.


View the bill here.
Citizens of NC: Contact your State Representative here to ask they co-sponsor this bill!

Every American citizen TODAY needs to contact the Leaders of the North Carolina House and ask them to support this bill -- CLICK HERE to take action NOW!

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