Monday, March 9, 2009

Constitutional Tender: ONE MINUTE of your time needed right now!

Dear Friends of Constitutional Tender,

I'm writing this note to ask you to take ONE MINUTE of your very valuable time, for a very quick Action Item to advance HB 430, the "Constitutional Tender Act."

As I reported before, HB 430 was brought up last week in Georgia's House Banks and Banking Committee, and assigned to TWO subcommittees: Financial Institutions & Services, and Regulations & Oversight. This means we're making great progress -- but it also means we now have a LOT of work to do EDUCATING these state legislators on the need for this bill.

For example, this past week, one of our folks met with the Chairman of one of those subcommittees: Rep. Calvin Hill, from the Financial Institutions & Services Subcommittee. In this conversation, Rep. Hill was asked if he would support HB 430; his response was, "I'm with you in spirit, I believe in a gold standard, but I don't think it would be practical to make banks accept gold and silver coins. Where would they store them?"

Yes, I'm not kidding, that's what he said.

Another one of our folks had a chat with the Chairman of the other subcommittee: Rep. Mike Coan, from the Regulations & Oversight Subcommittee. In this conversation, Rep. Coan was asked if he would call a hearing to take input from the banks themselves on HOW to enforce the clear language of the U.S. Constitution's requirement for the State to use ONLY gold and silver coins, and since it says we MUST use that, what would be the best way to do so; his response was, "I'll see what I can do."

Yes, that's what he said when asked to get the State to obey the U.S. Constitution: "I'll see what I can do."

We need to set these two gentleman straight on this issue... QUICKLY!

So today, RIGHT NOW, I'm asking you to do just one quick thing: Drop Rep. Hill ( and Rep. Coan ( a quick email.
  • In your emails, you can politely explain to them WHY this bill is so important: because Georgia, like every other state, is in violation of the U.S. Constitution without such a bill (because the State is making some other "Thing" a Tender in Payment of Debts, both to and by the State). Remind them that State legislators are all required to swear an oath to uphold that Constitution, so ethically and morally they need to do whatever the Constitution requires.
  • Inform Rep. Hill and Rep. Coan that this type of bill is also needed because, due to the ever-widening circle of economic disaster that is affecting the citizens of every State, we MUST do something to at least begin the process of restoring sound money and a sound economy, whether or not the Federal government or any other State government does so. This would immediately begin the flow of real wealth toward the state's treasury. This would stabilize the state's economy, protect the pensions of state employees, etc. -- and offer many other immediately recognizable benefits.
  • Finally, ask Rep. Hill and Rep. Coan to please listen with an open mind to the testimony from experts on what exactly it would mean to carry out this bill.
Chairman Hill and Chairman Coan MUST hear from the people about how IMPORTANT this bill is, and WHY it needs to be voted favorably back up to the Committee!

These two subcommittees are going to be holding hearings on HB 430 very soon, and we're going to be bringing in as many of our experts as we can to testify and explain the need and the necessity of passing this bill. We'll be letting you know when those meetings are.

So, fellow Constitutionalists, we need to TAKE ACTION AGAIN! Here's how:
  • Contact the Chairman of the Financial Institutions & Services Subcommittee, Rep. Calvin Hill (R-21) - - 404-656-0129
  • Contact the Chairman of the Regulations & Oversight Subcommittee, Rep. Mike Coan (R-101) - - 404-656-6801
By the way -- you DON'T need to live in Georgia to send these two Chairmen an email! We need EVERYONE'S help!

THANK YOU SO MUCH -- it's because of people like YOU, who are willing to take a minute of your valuable time to do something like this, that we have a GOOD SHOT at getting this bill moved through the General Assembly this year -- and even introduced in other states!



  1. I have sent my Georgia Reps my email imploring them to support and co-sponsor this important bill.