Friday, March 27, 2009

Constitutional Tender Bill was heard in Committee!

Dear Friends of Constitutional Tender,

This week, HISTORY WAS MADE. And we have patriots like YOU to thank for it, because YOU took the time to demand that legislators LISTEN.

Now, we have another quick task to do -- which we'll tell you in a moment.

This week, testimony was given at the Georgia House combined Financial Institutions & Services Subcommittee / Regulations & Oversight Subcommittee hearing on HB 430, the "Constitutional Tender Act". Testimony in favor of the bill was given by Rep. Bobby Franklin, Bill Greene, Aaron Krowne, Sean Mangieri, Jesse Bickel, and Franklin Sanders.

View the testimonies here:

The witnesses testified and explained to the Members of these Banks and Banking Committee subcommittees the absolute requirement of the U.S. Constitution for the State of Georgia to ONLY use gold and silver coins in its transactions, and a dialogue was begun in the best MEANS by which this should be done. The bureaucrats and banking lobbyists were concerned with cost, efficiency, and change, but it was apparent that they had not read the bill thoroughly or with an open mind, and especially had not read the FAQ on the website.

These experts and Rep. Franklin explained to the Members the need to shift away from our fiat money system, and into a sound money system. The hyperinflationary end of various countries' fiat money was explained. The fallacies of fractional reserve banking was shown, and how the system robs the inherent wealth of the American citizens. The likely complete devaluation of Federal Reserve Notes, and thus the need for Georgia to protect its citizens via returning to Constitutional Tender, was also explained.

Testimony in opposition to the bill was given by a state bureaucrat and two banking industry lobbyists. Dan Ebersole, Director of the Georgia Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services, worried that the State would have to start storing physical gold and silver right there in their office, and he'd have to have a bodyguard wherever he went. The question, of course, is why would it have to store the gold physically, if we are already dictating that depositary banks will have to have the appropriate gold/silver backed accounts? Do they have to store physical Federal Reserve Notes right there in their office, too?

Mr. Ebersole also worried that he would have a hard time investing the State's money if we went back to using Constitutional tender. What he doesn't seem to understand is that, as the value of FRNs drops like a base-metal balloon, all that fiat money he has so "wisely" invested will be GONE -- and the people of this State will want to know just WHO is responsible.

The two banking industry lobbyists, Joe Brannen of the Georgia Bankers Association and Steven D. Bridges of the Community Bankers Association of Georgia, were worried that they'd have to change the way they do business. They might have to convert FRNs to real money; they might have to store gold and silver in vaults; they might have to hire bank security; they might have to initiate electronic transactions...

In other words, as one of our folks remarked, it was largely a puerile dodge, where they pretended like we were demanding they go back to pre-19th century money handling, where there aren't even banks and so every transaction consists of gold coin being moved around. They then made a straw man out of that. In reality, we are merely establishing gold coin as a standard backing for electronic money in the manner of the current banking system.

Overall, our folks -- simply citizens of the Sovereign State of Georgia, not bureaucratic wonks or paid lobbyists -- made stunningly adept & forceful presentations. Yes, there was at least one legislator that left in a red-faced huff, remarking that he wasn't going to "waste his time" listening to this stuff; but it was just as clear that many eyes were opened that day, and it seems that several legislators were actually swayed by the sound argumentation.


But our work is FAR from over.

You see, with only one week left in this particular session of the Georgia legislature, we won't be able to get a vote on HB 430 yet. It will still be alive (GOOD NEWS!); but in order for the bill to continue to move forward, we need for the next important step to take place:

The LEADERS of the Georgia House of Representatives MUST hear from the people about how IMPORTANT this bill is, and WHY it needs to be considered by the ENTIRE House next session!

So, fellow Constitutionalists, we need to TAKE ACTION AGAIN! Here's how:

  • Contact the two Republican leaders of the Georgia House, Glenn Richardson & Jay Roberts -- their contact info is at the bottom of this message.

  • Quote Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution to them: "No State shall... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts".

  • Simply ask each Leader to read HB 430, the "Constitutional Tender Act," very carefully. It's only four pages long, so it's simple and straightforward. If you're emailing them, point them directly to the bill and to the FAQ page -- if you're faxing them, print those out and include them in the fax.

  • If you want to write more, explain to these Leaders why this bill is so important: because Georgia, like every other state, is in violation of the U.S. Constitution without such a bill (because the State is making some other "Thing" a Tender in Payment of Debts, both to and by the State). Remind each one that State legislators are all required to swear an oath to uphold that Constitution, so ethically and morally they need to do whatever the Constitution requires.

  • You could also inform the Leaders that this type of bill is also needed because, due to the ever-widening circle of economic disaster that is affecting the citizens of every State, we MUST do something to at least begin the process of restoring sound money and a sound economy, whether or not the Federal government or any other State government does so. This would immediately begin the flow of real wealth toward the state's treasury. This would stabilize the state's economy, protect the pensions of state employees, etc. -- and offer many other immediately recognizable benefits.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH -- it's because of people like YOU, who are willing to take a few minutes of your valuable time to do something like this, that this bill has moved further through the General Assembly than we EVER thought it would this year! We CAN get it even further over the next few months! :-)

    LET'S ROLL! -- -- click on "FAQ"

    (Please email if any of these contacts don't work)


    Rep. Glenn Richardson, Speaker of the House
    Room 332 State Capitol
    Atlanta, Georgia 30334
    Office: 404-656-5020
    Fax: 404-656-5644

    Home office:
    PO Box 1750
    Hiram, GA 30141
    Phone: 770-445-4438


    Rep. Jay Roberts, Chairman of the Majority Caucus
    415 State Capitol
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    Office: 404-656-5025
    Fax: 404-657-8278

    Home Office:
    767 Brushy Creek Road
    Ocilla, GA 31774
    Phone: 229-468-5404
    Fax: 229-468-7018


    1. I wish all Georgians the very best in passing this bill. Doing so will not only be a resounding example of renewed liberty and respect for the Supreme Law, but will also guarantee Georgia's long-term prosperity in the face of looming economic disaster all around her. Passing this bill will attract the very best of America's workers, creators, and producers, who will be able to trade their value creation for true wealth. Honest money will vault Georgia to economic preeminence.

    2. Very true. Now, we just need to convince our legislators of that! :-)

      It would also be nice if more states would use our template and introduce bills there... any takers?

    3. I am planning on introducing this legislation to my Florida State Legislature. It is too late for this current year's session, but we can shoot for next year's legislative session.

      It was last year at this time I sent many letters to my state legislature and asked them to inroduce 10th Amendment legislation and I am very happy to say they made it happen in this year's legislative session.

    4. Corrin - thank you for your efforts. Let us know how we can help!

    5. This is a great first step! Please keep up the work that is needed. And from those of us, who feel we have little voice, we appreciate what work you are doing. I believe that we need these small steps that will end up accumulating into a movement back to a country that is no longer here to serve the elites, but instead all "the people" of the united states. God bless.