Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"The Gold Standard Now" Website

Great new website, which Ralph Benko contributes to. The day approaches!

Welcome to The Lehrman Institute's TheGoldStandardNow.org which offers clear and authoritative information about the gold standard. Here you will find out what the gold standard is (and isn't), its fascinating history, the passionate debate it sparks, why adopting it will create prosperity, and how it should be done. Because the gold standard affects you. Your every day life. Your opportunities.

TheGoldStandardNow.org is designed for readers, whether plain citizens without special training or high level economists and policy makers, as a guide through what sometimes appears a dizzyingly complex subject. Gold is complex in appearance only. Part of the beauty of the gold standard is its utter simplicity and naturalness, the honest money of democracy. What is the gold standard? Why is it essential for vibrant economic growth — growth for the working family at least as much as for the wealthy? Why is it so controversial? What is its history? What is its future? Does it have potential pitfalls?

And perhaps most important, how does it work? In short, this website is designed to provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about the gold standard but were afraid to ask.


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