Friday, February 13, 2009

Gold & Silver Bill Introduced in Georgia!

Today - Friday, February 13 - the fight for a return to Constitutional money begins.

HB 430, the "Constitutional Tender Act," has been introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives.

As noted, the bill number is HB 430. Since the House isn't back in session until Tuesday 2/17, it won't be "official" until 9:00 a.m. that morning, and then the link to it will be live. But the bill is THERE!

HB 430 was introduced by Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-43), who is a member of the Banks & Banking Committee. Bobby is a good friend of ours, and a good friend of the U.S. Constitution.

NOW THE FIGHT BEGINS. The first step needed is for every citizen of Georgia to contact their State Representative TODAY and ask him or her to co-sponsor this bill. Here's an example of what you can say when you call or write:
As your constituent, I'm contacting you to ask you to please co-sponsor HB 430, the Constitutional Tender Act.

This bill is needed because Georgia, like every other state, is in violation of the U.S. Constitution without such a bill (because the State is making some other "Thing" a Tender in Payment of Debts, both to and by the State). As a state legislator, you swear an oath to uphold that Constitution, so ethically and morally you need to do whatever the Constitution requires.

This type of bill is also needed because, due to the ever-widening circle of economic disaster that is affecting the citizens of every State, we MUST do something to at least begin the process of restoring sound money and a sound economy, even if (and especially if) the current federal administration refuses to do so.

Please, put the people of Georgia and their well-being above any partisanship or politics, and especially above any fears about your "reputation" with others. What is important is the welfare of the citizens of this state, and the need to abide by the U.S. Constitution.

PLEASE, co-sponsor HB 430, the "Constitutional Tender Act," TODAY. Contact Rep. Bobby Franklin's office at
404-656-0152 to become a co-sponsor. I will be watching your actions on this bill very closely, and will remember them on election day. Thank you.

If you don't know how to contact your state Representative, you can go to the GA Secretary of State's "Poll Locator" website, enter your information there, click the Submit button, then scroll down to see what Georgia House District you live in. Then go to the GA House website, find your House District number, and click on your Representative's "Fact Sheet" to get his or her contact information.

Or, if you don't want to go through all that, you can just call the Secretary of State's office at 404-656-2881 and ask them to help you contact your state legislator.

PLEASE, contact your State Representative TODAY and ask him or her to co-sponsor HB 430. It's time to return to Constitutional money -- and this is a great start. Thanks!


  1. I believe it is critical to keep this bill as simple as possible to avoid further market confusion. Could someone please provide some simple examples, rationale and purpose of the calculation as proposed in Section 50-37-4 of Georgia bill HB-430 as follows:

    "...(2) Pre-1965 silver coins shall be valued at the current market value of the silver content of each coin, multiplied times 0.715 of the face value of each coin..."

    Why not just use market value as the measure as it is for the other categories of money?

    Thank you

  2. Since pre-1965 silver coins have a 90% silver composition ("coin silver"), when they were minted they contained 0.7234 troy ounces of silver per dollar of face value. In practice, the content is usually assumed to be 0.715 ounces because of wear.

    Therefore, the common practice everywhere is to assign a value of silver's market value times 0.715 of the face value of each coin. So, for pre-1965 silver coins, that IS the market value of each coin.

    Thank you!