Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WOW, Things Are Moving Quickly!

Dear Friends of Constitutional Tender,

THINGS ARE MOVING VERY QUICKLY! We need YOU to help us keep HB 430, the Constitutional Tender Act, moving forward!

When I say "quickly," I mean this: the bill is on the agenda for discussion TOMORROW MORNING, 2/26, at 8:00 A.M.!

We need YOUR help right away! Can you join us at 8:00 a.m., in Room 406 of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building, which is right across the street from the Gold Dome (Capitol building)? The address is 8 Capitol Square SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.



To recap:
  • The bill was introduced on 2/17.
  • On 2/18, we held the first "Constitutional Tender Day" at the State Capitol.
  • The bill was assigned to the House Banks and Banking Committee.
  • NOW, it's on the agenda for TOMORROW, 2/26!
What we need now is for the bill to either be approved as is (that usually doesn't happen), or assign it to a relevant Subcommittee -- hopefully, a special investigatory committee to take testimony from lots of OUR experts on what exactly it would mean to carry out this bill. This would not only garner a LOT of publicity -- especially if we get some big names to come testify, including perhaps Dr. Paul himself -- but it really WOULD educate these legislators on exactly WHY we need to pass this bill.

So, fellow Constitutionalists, we need to TAKE ACTION AGAIN! Here's how:
  • Come to Atlanta TOMORROW, Feb. 26th, for the Banks and Banking Committee meeting -- be seated in Room 406 of CLOB by 7:45 a.m.;
  • If you get a chance to chat with Rep. James Mills, the Chair of the Committee, before the meeting begins, mention that you're there in support of the Constitutional Tender Act;
  • If attendees are given the opportunity to speak, please do so, with short pithy comments asking for a special investigatory committee to assign HB 430 to, discussing how Georgia is in violation of the U.S. Constitution without such a bill, and that we MUST do something to at least begin the process of restoring sound money and a sound economy.
THANK YOU SO MUCH -- it's because of people like YOU, who are willing to take a short morning out of your valuable time to do something like this, that we have a GOOD SHOT at getting this bill moved through the General Assembly this year -- and even introduced in other states!


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