Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Constitutional Tender Act RE-Introduced in Georgia!

The "Constitutional Tender Act" has been re-introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives by Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-43), a member of the Georgia House Banks & Banking Committee, for the 2011 Session of the Georgia Legislature. The bill number is HB 3.

It will take a strong dose of involvement from citizens across the country to get our States back on track using Constitutionally-mandated money, so we'll need YOUR help!

Every citizen TODAY needs to contact the Leaders of the Georgia House of Representatives and ask them to support this bill -- CLICK HERE to take action NOW!


  1. Gold and silver are money -- paper is not!

  2. Well, paper could be money. It just has a lot less intrinsic value than gold and silver, i.e. it could be worth less than the face value printed on it.

  3. What specific ways should we ask them to support it? Should we ask them to cosponsor, or to help move it out of committee for a floor vote, etc?

  4. Good question. The first thing we should do is ask them to cosponsor the bill. The more cosponsors there are, the stronger our case for getting it at least a vote in the full committee, if not a floor vote.

    Last session, Bobby Franklin had a good number of legislators coming up to him asking about the bill (which they had never heard of), wondering why they were getting so many calls, faxes and emails from their constituents in their districts, wanting them to co-sponsor. We need to build on that this year, as well as building on the big hearing we DID get in the joint sub-committee meeting.