Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clean Money

From the Colorado Tenth Amendment Center...

The United States Constitution declares, in Article I, Section 10,
“No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”
State-Level Constitutional Tender laws seek to nullify federal legal tender laws in the state by authorizing payment in gold and silver or a paper note backed 100% by gold or silver.

The concept of Honest Money is lost on most US citizens, thanks in part to a complete and utter lack of discussion in public schools and universities, but certainly not lost on the elite financial organizations who vehemently oppose such reform. When Nixon decoupled the dollar from its traditional gold backing and replaced it with fiat debt (private Federal Reserve notes) in 1971 because we could no longer cover our bets with gold, he substituted the last vestige of real value (our dollar) with a promissory note (debt) representing nothing more than the willingness and ability of US citizens to shoulder the artificially created debt burden via taxes.

The current private US Federal Reserve, the third central bank in our history, creates money from nothing but the unacceptable privilege to do so, making an arbitrarily agreed upon bookkeeping entry and thus creating an imaginary value which it then extends to their private member banks to trickle down to Main Street, or tells the Treasury they have a like amount of credit to either print money or issue Treasury bills with nothing to back it but an elaborate accounting and taxing scheme which can be viewed as a tenuous financial house of cards.


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